Judy Evenson

Education Plan/Background
At this stage in my work life, I’m not setting goals for additional degrees. In fact, I have vowed to never get myself in a situation where I have to show up at a certain time and/or location to take a test ever again!  Been there… done that! I do have my Masters from Metro State and my Bachelors from the U of M.  I graduated high school in 1965 in a class of 69 students from a small town in southwest Mn called Mt. Lake.  Ever hear of it?

Career Goals/Work Plans/Current Employment
I’ve been teaching at Century College… well, so long that I say I came with the first load of bricks for the building.  It’s been a great career and I’ve loved every minute of it – that’s why even retired (technically) I’m still  teaching but only online.  I really love the work and I enjoy the opportunity to continue to grow and learn along with my students.

Personal Info
Family/Hobbies/Interests – Married to the same fellow (Jim) for 40 plus years! Can you imagine?  I belong to 3 book clubs so you can guess I’m quite an avid reader.  The last book was The Space Between Us which was a story of two women in India, one the servant and the other the woman of the house.  I LOVE movies – Clint Eastwood has my admiration for a body of work that is amazing and at 80, he’s still going strong.  We love to travel and have been as far north as Nome, Alaska and the North Cape in Norway and as far south as the Magelleon Strait off the tip of South America.  Probably my best trip was either rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon or hitch hiking through Europe in the 1970’s.

Online Environment
I was the first faculty member at Century to develop and deliver a course online – that was about 2001. This has been the most fun in my career. I love the online environment, the challenges, the technology, the fun of “making it possible”.  It really breathed new life into me as a teacher. But… the day I wake up and say “oh crap, I have to check my class” is the last semester I’ll be teaching! You deserve so much better than that. But for now… this is so fun!

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