Lynn Smaagaard

Education Plan/Background
There are many Century Alumni who now teach at the College and I am fortunate to be one of them. After finishing my degree at Century, I was so impressed with the caliber of faculty and innovative curriculum that I decided to pursue a career in teaching. I transferred to the University of Minnesota where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Education and soon accepted a position with Northwest Technical College in Bemidji. While teaching during the school year in Bemidji and summers at Northeast Metro (now Century), I completed my Master’s degree in Industrial Technology. I have discovered that you can become hooked on learning and it does become a lifelong endeavor. Whenever possible, I continue to take courses at Metropolitan State University, attend seminars sponsored by organizations such as the American Marketing Association or take workshops at the Loft Literary Center.

Career Goals/Work Plans/Current Employment
Marketing is a fascinating field of study. Over the years, I have taught sales, merchandising and marketing subjects at Northwest Technical College, Anoka-Ramsey Technical College and Century College. In addition to my teaching experience, I worked for a number of years in Continuous Education and Customized Training where I designed, delivered and coordinated training for Minnesota companies. It was so interesting working with industry to create training programs specifically for their employees. During my time in Customized Training I also had the opportunity to lead process improvement teams. This experience taught me the value and power of leadership, teams, project management and continuous improvement. Now I am back teaching at Century and couldn’t be more thrilled. We are living in exciting times. Online learning, innovative teaching techniques and teams continue to fire me up and inspire me!

Personal Information and the Future
Personal achievements I am most proud of include completing four marathons, earning the University of Minnesota Outstanding Leadership Award and being named the 1986-1987 Northeast Metro Technical Institute (Now Century College) Outstanding Graduate. My personal interests include writing and illustrating children’s books and graphic novels and any passion is anything artistic and creative. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and exploring new places. One of my favorite activities is simply spending time with my fabulous family and friends. I especially enjoy working with students and colleagues on innovative educational projects. Believe me, there are countless and continual inspirational and innovative projects happening here at Century. It’s an exciting time to be in education, marketing and to be here at Century College!

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