Stephen Kelly

Education Plan/Background
Although we never stop learning, some few of us feel compelled to continuously pile on degree after degree toward an unknown end. I spend a lot of time thinking about that end, and in between times I try to concentrate on the important things in life. These important things never occurred to me during my pursuit of degrees in marketing, anthropology, and classical literature. Instead, like all important things, they were found through the process of simply living, and more importantly, living simple. I’ll share them below, but for the sake of staying on topic, I’ll note that I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s degree in 2004, received a master’s degree from MSU Mankato in 2009, and received a certificate from Century College in 2010. The ordering might seem strange, but it makes more sense than you may first suspect!

Career Goals/Work Plans/Current Employment
Some people (usually in jest) aspire to dictatorship over small countries. My career goals are more modest. Like any 30-something who refuses to abandon his 20’s, I still intend to do something fairly miraculous in the future – like cure cancer or learn to levitate. I would also like to do some slightly more complicated things such as grow a business to esteemed profitability, help market a non-profit with a strong cause, and generally make a professional difference in communities where I reside. In many ways I’m well on my way to accomplishing the latter. I’m currently an instructor at Century College, am occupying a chair on Century’s Alumni Association, am working closely with a non-profit whose purpose it is to combat slavery, and I run my own web development and social media marketing business. I figure if I work hard on these things now I can knock off curing cancer and levitating quickly when I’m 65.

Personal Information and the Future
Ah, so remember those “important things in life” I mentioned above? Well either way, here they are in no particular order of importance:

  1. Never feel bad about spending money on good food. Your body is your greatest asset in life, so feed it well.
  2. Never feel bad about spending money on a good bed and sheets. We spend 1/3 of our lives on/in them, and our bodies are our greatest asset.
  3. Never feel bad about spending money on good footwear. The average person who lives to the age of 80 will walk approximately 108,000 miles in their lifetime and bad footwear can really come back to haunt your body down the road. Our bodies are… well, you get it. 😉

Other than those things, I just try to live simple. In the future I plan to continue doing the same, and on Monday nights, watch How I Met Your Mother and be awesome.

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