The Clinton Foundation Taps Celebrities for New Commercial

What do you get when you make a commercial with a former US president, seven well-known celebrities, and a secret mystery guest?  Just watch and see!

In this following commercial from the Clinton Foundation, the non-profit makes a bid to get your donation today.  What do you think – does it work?  (Did it work?)

3 Responses

  1. Lynn Smaagaard Says:

    Ha, I was going to admit to stealing Penn’s lunch, but they beat me to the punchline!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I found it to be quite funny! haha

    I think they used humor and a couple puns to gain your interest.

    This was clever marketing and a creative skit.


  3. Stephen Kelly Says:

    I didn’t even see Kevin Spacey coming!

    Clever indeed. I wonder how many of the celebs (if any) donated their time for this. It was, after all, for a non-profit, and celebs can write-off this sort of work.

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