Advertising in Cozumel

A lot of the marketing and advertising done in Cozumel, Mexico is done through word of mouth. You walk down the street and you have six workers shouting at you at one time. “Come in my store! I have great prices! Let me show you!” The best phrase I heard in Cozumel was “Everything is almost free!”

A picture of Senor Frogs

I ran across few advertisements on the island. They might advertise their business’s Facebook and Twitter outside their business like this.

Spare tire advertisement

We saw this business in town one night. It becomes a night club when it gets dark out.The spare tire for the jeeps you rented had advertisements like this.

The humor is quite effective. It is a good advertisement because it is always moving. The tourists who rent it will see it and might decide to go there, as well as everyone you pass on the island while driving it.

Frizz advertisement

This is the closest thing I saw to a real advertisement.

An ad for popsicles at the beach! Who could resist this? Even if you can’t read Spanish, it still looks delicious.


You have advertisements that tell you not to worry about the dangers of parasailing.

They had parasailing on a beach we stopped at. A lot of tourists would be scared to do it but this ad specifically tells you there are no worries.

I found that in Cozumel, they definitely use themselves as advertising more than anything. They don’t really have the money to spend on advertisements that are big and expensive. The biggest form of advertisement was what they yell to you when you walk by, kind of like Carnies! They even know all about your sports teams. They ask you where you are from and try to relate to you in that way so that it draws you into their store. Who would want to buy a Vikings blanket in Mexico?

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  1. Lynn Smaagaard Says:

    Again, I always know a true marketing student when they come home from Spring break with pictures of local retail displays and/or advertising. Great examples Krista!

  2. Randy Says:

    They were not blankets, they were ponchos. We were in Playa de Carmen, just across the bay.

    I have a great picture of a professional wrestler promoting something on my Facebook

  3. Krista Says:

    Hey Randy!

    They told me they were blankets at one of the stations. I told them I didn’t need a blanket in Mexico =)

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