Why Doesn’t Your Fast Food Look Like the Food on the Billboard?

Here is the scenario, and we’ve all been here before.

You’re driving down the interstate enjoying the warm breeze against your face or the sound of your favorite tune on the radio when, on the horizon, you spot that U.S. Highway mainstay – the billboard.  With little else to occupy your attention, you squint to make out the subject matter of the advertisement, and as you draw closer your eyes begin to widen and your stomach begins to rumble, because there, masterfully imprinted on the billboard is the succulent and impeccable looking fast food burger you never knew you didn’t need – but by golly, you need it now!

In a fit of thoughtless, instinctual impulses you roll off at the next exit ramp and pull up to the promised land (trans. – the fast food drive-through), declaring your strong desire for that burger you saw just a short ways down the highway.  The store workers make it snappy, move you through the drive-through in less than 120 seconds, you pull over to open the box containing the meaty ambrosia, and then you behold it…

How can advertising and reality be so disconnected?  Recently a marketing representative from McDonald’s decided to show us how.  Take a look!


What are your thoughts?  Are all the mouth-watering depictions of our next meal misleading or just good marketing?

5 Responses

  1. raef Says:

    awesome !!! i like the video

  2. Jami Snodie Says:

    I loved the video! I get really discouraged when I go to a restaurant and see a wonderful looking salad. When you order it, the lettuce is wimpy, and it isn’t as pretty as the picture. I wish you could get the food you see on the picture!!! :) I hate seeing something so yummy and being disappointed when I get the item!!!

  3. Colleen O'Connor Says:

    I loved the video. I’ve seen similar videos before and I believe its good marketing.

  4. Ronald McDonald Says:

    REALLY? This lady FROM McDonalds tells us all how they FOOL us into buying their product that looks NOTHING like what is advertised? and with NO SHAME whatsoever.

    What a joke. How about this lady spend time making sure that we RECEIVE what is advertised.


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