Hallmarks of a Great Blog

I’ve done a lot of blog related searches in my time using the term “best practices.”  In fact, just a second ago I did one and discovered 15.3 million results in Google.  I know those aren’t all relevant results, but even if I were to assume that 10,000 of those were relevant, would they all […]

In Advertising, Sometmes it is Best to Just Hitch a Ride

There has always been a premium placed on strong creative minds in advertising, but being strongly creative doesn’t necessarily mean a person must develop something fresh and altogether original.  Quite the opposite, if we take a cue from the tech industry we find that some of the most successful ideas out there have come in […]

Minnesota Vikings Mean to Sway Public Opinion with New Online Ad

In Minnesota, few things are currently a hotter topic than the prospect of a new Vikings Stadium.  Whether you are an Arden Hills supporter, a Minneapolis supporter, a Metrodome supporter, or (cringe) a Los Angeles supporter, there is drama enough to go around.  The many perspectives have created many opinions among the gossiping public, to […]

Cheech & Chong Are High on General Mills’ Brownies!

What happens when you combine Cheech & Chong & brownies?  Normally I would lay the answer on you, but the tears of laughter in my eyes are too great to spend much time prepping you for one of the most brilliant celebrity commercials I’ve seen in quite some time. What do you think?  Good play […]