How Many Companies Approach Social Media (A Parody)

We all know social media marketing is becoming increasingly important to every company’s marketing mix, but despite this, trepidation over the use of social media often exists at the executive level.  This leaves social media marketers in a position of deep explanation, sometimes needing to validate their work (and by extension, their jobs) through the […]

Free Kindles! Free iPods!

I’m betting this headline got your attention.  I heard it on NPR Marketplace Money and thought it would appeal to students. According to tech guru Kevin Kelly, one of the founders of Wired magazine and a favorite on TED, the downward pricing in products such as the Amazon Kindle e-book reader could indicate a trend resulting […]

Katie Couric Talks Privacy and Personal Branding

It may not seem like the conversation below between Katie Couric and Brian Solis has much to do with marketing, but it does.  Marketing, along with all its applications, strategies and aspirations, does not operate in a vacuum.  Instead, it is always subject to environmental factors.  For example, any kind of print marketing is subject […]

Show and Sell

Recently the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission to block a cartoon show scheduled to appear on October 11 on the cable network Nicktoons.  The show features characters originally developed to market Sketcher shoes to children. The complaint charges that the show would violate the federal requirement […]

Apple’s “above and beyond” customer service

This story is about the lethal equation that a newborn baby, a Mountain Dew, and a MacBook can make.   The original article can be found here: Newborn + Mountain Dew + MacBook After his wife was in labor for 3 days and finally had to have an emergency delivery, Mark was rocking his newborn daughter […]