Marketing Issues in Rift

Trion Worlds, now known worldwide as the company behind Rift, one of the most successful PC games to date, may finally be encountering their first big issue. Rift is a PC game where you can connect online and play with people across the world doing a multitude of things from questing to raiding. Trion had […]

Radioactive Sushi

Are Japan’s fish radioactive? After the earthquake which lead to a tsunami on March 11th Japanese officials noticed a leak in a Nuclear Power Plant. It was confirmed that the power plant was spilling iodine-131 and cesium-137 radioactive materials into the ocean. One positive aspect of this disaster is that radioactive iodine has a half-life […]

Social Media’s Importance in the Hip-Hop Community

How many of you realize how incredibly important social media is? Do you download music off the internet after seeing it on a Facebook fan page, or an artists twitter feed? Have you followed blogs much like this one? Do you hear about new releases, singles, and videos from an artists website? If you answered […]

Looking Great at 125!

What do you think of Coca-Cola’s 125th Anniversary packaging?  The branding and packaging agency Bulletproof worked with the NWEN brand team to create a vintage look reminiscent of World War II pin-up girls.  The 125th Anniversary packaging is designed to reconnect customers with nostalgic memories of the past. Why do you think Coca-Cola decided on […]

Can Just Anyone Build A Mobile App

If you type “build an app” into Google, 119 million results show up. Can anyone really build an app and should they? It is a lot easier to build an app than most would think and the best thing is, you don’t have to be a software engineer to do it! First, know the customer […]

Take a Quack at It!

Do you have what it takes to quack Aflac? As you likely have heard, the insurer Aflac fired comedian Gilbert Gottfried, the voice of their Aflac duck, after he twittered remarks making light of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. According to the company’s chief marketing officer Michael Zuna, “Aflac Japan – and, by extension, […]