To What Degree Does Facebook Affect Student Grades?

I’m usually put off by web infographics since often times they’re little more than a reflection of the creator’s cherry pickin’ persuasions, but this one struck me as thought provoking. I’ll let it do the talking. Thoughts?

The DC Megamercial – How many brand names can you count?

Welcome back Century College students! Last week the shoemaker DC released a video that has gone viral to the tune of 6.5 million Youtube views in just 10 days.  They’ve dubbed this a “megamercial,” and you’ll see why.  In addition to being rather lengthy by commercial standards (over 8 minutes) and having Hollywood quality special […]

Why Google+ Could be a Game-Changer in Higher Education

Are you on Google+? If your answer is “yes,” then welcome to the party! If your answer is “no,” then at least consider yourself tentatively invited with an all but certain party ahead of you. Google+ is making huge waves right now in the industry of social media and social networks, but a tsunami may […]

Marketing Issues in Rift

Trion Worlds, now known worldwide as the company behind Rift, one of the most successful PC games to date, may finally be encountering their first big issue. Rift is a PC game where you can connect online and play with people across the world doing a multitude of things from questing to raiding. Trion had […]

Low-Cut Basketball Shoes the Hottest Thing Out?

The year was 2008 when Kobe Bryant, arguably the biggest and most well known athlete in the world, decided to debut his fourth signature shoe with Nike and it was to be Low-Cut! “They are the unwritten but widely accepted bylaws of sports footwear. Here, we hold these truths to be self-evident: Golf is to […]

Marketing for Hair Salons

Are you using Facebook to market your salon services and products? According to, Facebook Marketing expert Martin Smith says you should be. In 2007, Martin says “Social networking sites, especially Facebook, have significant implications for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs around the world. To keep your business current, you should at least be familiar […]