Wearable Technology

With the recent launch of the Apple, there has been a lot of buzz about wearable technology. Although wearable technology is relatively new, both engineers and fashion designers still struggle to seamlessly and strategically incorporate technology into fashion. According to Raquel Landers in Wearables Hit the Runway at Fashion Week, “designers should be reaching out […]

Free Service Helps You Package Your College Experience

Collegefeed is a free service that can help students market their college experience to employers. The service also acts as a broker matching student’s experience with firms such as eBay and Cisco Systems. Currently Collegefeed has 1,000 firms paying to use their database. Why do firms like eBay and Cisco pay for this service? They […]

Which Mad Men Character Are You?

Create your own Man Men avatar on the AMC site. You too can work for Sterling Cooper!  

That Hat!

[youtube]http://youtu.be/EEisQxl_meA[/youtube] During this year’s Grammy Awards, the fast food chain Arby’s tweeted Pharrel Williams, “Can we have our hat back?” You’ll notice that Williams” oversized Vivienne Westwood hat somewhat resembles the hat Arby’s uses as a logo. If you watched the Academy Awards, Pharrell Williams once again was wearing the hat and after the show, […]

The Revenge of the Right Brain

Don’t Let Your Big Idea Get Away!