This Website is great!  Can I find CC Marketing anywhere else on the net?

Absolutely!  The marketing faculty at Century College take pride in their ability to communicate with you through the online channels you’re familiar with.  You can connect with them through the following websites:

You can also subscribe to receive email communications from the marketing program by submitting your email address to the CC Marketing subscription list found in the right sidebar of this site.  Don’t worry – your email address will be kept secure and you’ll receive no mailbox spam.  You will only receive correspondence from the authors of this blog.

Century College is where I want to pursue my professional education.  How do I begin the process of enrollment?

First off, glad to hear you’ve chosen Century College!  You won’t regret it.  Century College offers links via its website to all the pertinent information you’ll need to begin your academic journey.  You can find this information at http://www.century.edu/futurestudents/default.aspx.

This website contains terrific information, but I have some questions about the marketing program at Century College that aren’t answered here.  Who can I contact about these particular questions?

The current acting public representative of the Century College marketing program is instructor Lynn Smaagaard.  You can reach her with particular questions about the Century College marketing program at Lynn.Smaagaard[at]century[dot]edu.  For any questions regarding this website specifically, please contact editor[at]centurycollegemarketing[dot]com.

I’m a marketing student at Century College and would like to get more involved in the program.  Is there a way I can help create and develop content for the CC Marketing Blog?

There most certainly is.  Students are encouraged to get involved with CC Marketing activities online either through the blog site or through Facebook.  To find out about opportunities to engage through social media using CC Marketing tools, email editor[at]centurycollegemarketing[dot]com or talk to one of the marketing instructors after class.

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