Why Does Ms. Brown Need Insurance?

Watch the following commercial. Can you tell which icon is the star of this advertisement? Is it M&M’s Ms. Brown or the Geico gecko or the Geico camel? Do you think the advertisement benefits M&M’s or Geico and who do you think paid for the advertisement?

Read more about the campaign in this Advertising Age article. Do you think shared advertising is an effective strategy?


That Hat!


During this year’s Grammy Awards, the fast food chain Arby’s tweeted Pharrel Williams, “Can we have our hat back?” You’ll notice that Williams” oversized Vivienne Westwood hat somewhat resembles the hat Arby’s uses as a logo.

If you watched the Academy Awards, Pharrell Williams once again was wearing the hat and after the show, he auctioned the hat on eBay. Well, guess who purchased the hat for $44,100? Yes, Arbys!

Williams plans to donate the money earned for From One Hand to Another. So hats off to Pharrell Williams and Arby’s!

Follow Pharrell Williams’ hat on Twitter at @ParrelsHat.

The Revenge of the Right Brain


Don’t Let Your Big Idea Get Away!

Muskie Tank

Clever Billboard

This British Airways billboard uses flight records to determine which of their planes is flying above the billboard. Notice the young boy on the billboard points at the British Airways plane and exclaims, “Look, it’s flight # from (location).


A Thanksgiving Response to a Changing Market

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Listen to this Marketplace Money story about Butterball turkeys. Why do you think Butterball hired a male spokesperson?